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Break Out     - Coming November 29, 2012


A sports action video about bogy flight in wind tunnels, featuring Paraclete XP instructors.


Produced by: Keith Creedy, Zach Mullins, and Jimmy Cooper


Directed and Edited by: Keith Creedy


Starring: Selwyn Facey, Andy Honigbaum, Ray Kubiak, Zach Mullins, Pali Rovnan, Alex Verner, John Vernor

Making Break Out


Going into this, we knew shooting at a tunnel wouldn't be your regular shoot.  Glare and reflections off the glass were something we had to deal with as well as bieng limited on camera placement.


Stay tuned for more teasers, and the release of Break Out.

After Effects


We'd like to introduce characters of this video in a flashy way.  This is a test of some After Effects wizardry.

Camera and Light


Lighting and camera test.  This was shot with a 7D at two different framerates with available light.

Particle XP


I knew I wanted to shoot something in the tunnel, so I turned to my love for Sci-Fi.


Who knows, maybe there's a Sci-Fi short in the works; In the year 2060, USPA teleports agents to police the skies?